The Northwest RA3 League
(made possible by cls||DrACoNuS and Killthraka for providing servers)


League format

Swiss Style: teams of equal skill play one another each week. It goes a little like this:

1) Matches for the first week are determined randomly.
2) After each week the teams are ordered by their tournament score; highest to lowest.
3) Matches for the following week is managed by this ordered list (1 plays 2, 3 plays 4, etc).
4) If there is an odd number of teams, a team will be given a bye each week.
5) No team will play another team more than once.
6) Teams receive 2 points for win and 0 points for a loss. Going into overtime nets your team one point and winning in overtime gets your team a second point.
7) Each team will pick a map from the map list, with the tiebreaker (if needed) determined by the league.
8) Maps are played best of 21 rounds. Winner is the team with the most rounds won after each team's map has been played. The third map only occurs if after the first two maps the teams are tied in rounds.
9) There will be a double elimination playoffs.
Standings are decided first by how many points a team has. If there are 2 or more teams with the same number of points then their Rounds Against and Rounds For are taken into account. If 2 or more teams are still tied in ranking then whomever is capable of giving the best lap dance will be seeded higher.
Schedules will be posted on the monday of each week. Please play your match between the following tuesday and sunday, or the schedule posting will be delayed. Schedule your match by contacting whoever you play on irc, dont worry about telling an admin when you are playing.

Contact an op in #nwra3 with the results, or email Please include maps played and rounds won/lost on each map. Doing this ensures you will have nifty stats to read about your clan's matches, while failure will bring a plague of locusts o'er the land.


Everyone knows everyone and who plays for who. Dont fuck around and you wont be embarassed about trying to cheat in a fun league by ringing.


Stick to this maplist, clownshoes:



Record 'em.

Replaying Rounds

If some dude lags out in the middle of a round the round counts. If some dude is lagged at the start of a round, or spawns inside of a wall, the round doesnt count. Dont act like children and replay the rounds you would want replayed if you were the ones getting fucked.


Show up on time or ask for a reschedule, or risk getting a forfeit. Dont cheat/ring/sleep with baron and you'll be okay.