The Northwest RA3 League
(made possible by cls||DrACoNuS and Killthraka for providing servers)


Defiance Wins by atastypie on feb 15, 2004
Final score 22-8. GGs everyone and perhaps there will be a second season. Maybe. Also, I just noticed that the thank you message along the top doesn't make sense and it has been that way since the start.

Final 2 by atastypie on feb 15, 2004
Defiance vs Overkill Zone

this demo is going to be 10mb because oz runs away so much
Almost 4 by atastypie on feb 9, 2004
Brackets are updated; exact scores are on the results page. somebody rp on xc/ri and get their match played so that they can lose to oz.
DOWN TO 8 by atastypie on feb 2, 2004
Playoff brackets are up. Play by this Sunday if you can.

Sorry Zero Tolerance/Clearscreen Z, you guys missed the cut by only a few rounds. Check the final standings as well. Fuckin Resonant Impact. Fuckin Power Rangers. Please avoid the forfeit in the single elim, even if you ARE about the get embarrassed by the other team.
Week 5 by atastypie on jan 26, 2004
Now that Loller Rangers and Racist_Jokes4 have played their match week 5 is upon us. Who'd of thought that two classy teams like them would hold up the league for so long?

Top 8 teams after this week's matches will be placed into the single elimination playoff bracket. If you are on the cusp of the top 8 teams make sure you win this week, or you might not make the playoffs! That means you, XC NITE ZT CLS CLS.

The RF/RA is off by -4, meaning one or more teams does not have the correct numbers up. Add up your team's matches and let myself or (preferably) rake know if there is an error. Yes, this means I am too lazy to do it myself and yes, it also means I don't care about any team's standings except my own.
Week 4 Error by atastypie on jan 12, 2004
I fucked up the schedule for week 4. C4 should have been in 3rd place, making them play Power Rangers for this week. Resonant Impact will now play Xtreme Crew. Sorry dudes :(

Week3 results have been posted for your reading pleasure. ZT won a game? Slasherzero quit PR after what match? NITE lost to WHO? All that and so much more on the results page!

Finally, there is some new RA3 news site that looks like and jumpingmens called slashquit. I like the name, myself.
Week 4 Up by atastypie on jan 9, 2004
Week 4 schedules have been posted. Results from week 3 will go up when I find the time.
Week 3 SCHEDULE Posted by atastypie on dec 16, 2003
Results, standings and schedules have been posted. Please play these games by Sunday the 21st, where upon I figure we take a lil' xmas break and get back into the swing of things in the new year.
Week 2 & Demos by atastypie on dec 03, 2003

Week 2 schedules are up. You can see how it was made by comparing them to the standings and reading the rules. Note you have until the end of Sunday Dec 13th to play -- that is 10 days. After this week I will try and stick to a 'play by sunday, schedule up by monday' routine. Asscake clans who couldn't field 4 players this week need to lessen the level of ass content in their cakes.

Regarding the oz/ri match: they played 3 maps best of 9. The third map is being treated as a tiebreaker and the win goes to Resonant Impact for having the most rounds won. Play like your next map like you're supposed to :(

Please upload MVP demos to challenge-tv. Use the gametype 'RA3' and not 'Quake3' and set the event to 'NWRA3'. Please use full map and team names.
Playoffs, Lag, mvps by atastypie on nov 26, 2003
First of all, there is a thread on the forums regarding the playoff format. Please go read and place a vote for how you would like it to be.

Secondly, anyone caught trying to use a lag exploit will be banned and forever remembered as that lol cheating fag.

Finally, when you report your games please include who you think is the game mvp for your team, upload his demo to either challenge-tv or, and then provide me with that url. This way people can see demos from the best perspective of every game, and each team will have a tally on their team info page showing how many times each person has been chosen as the mvp.
Forum by atastypie on nov 26, 2003
Killthraka from AGSN has provided us with a forum to use for the league. I have put up a thread about custom maps and a thread about week1 games.
OPENING MESSAGE by atastypie on nov 24, 2003

This message also went out to all of the team contacts. Lol?

The schedule for the first week of nwra3 has been posted, please contact your opponent by email or irc and play your game by the night of Monday Dec 1st. If your team cannot play before this time, please reply to this email or catch me on irc and let me know, as the second week of games cannot be posted until the first round has been completely played. If everyone plays by the 1st, the schedule for week 2 will be posted on Tuesday Dec 2nd.

Here is an overview of the league; Some of the rules have changed, please read this through carefully so you know what is going on.

1- Each team picks one map and they are played best of 21. If there is a tie by rounds at the end of both maps, play the overtime map that is posted on the nwra3 schedule

2- Winning a match earns your team 2 points, while losing earns you none. Going into overtime earns each team 1 point, with the team who wins overtime earning an additional point.

3- Standings are decided first by points and then by the rounds for:rounds against ratio. Maps won and maps lost are just an extra statistic to look at on the standings page and will not have any bearing on your standing. Overtime rounds are not listed in RF and RA because they can skew the standings.

4- There will be 5 weeks of play, after which the standings will be used to determine the seedings in a double elimination playoff.

5- Available maps are: ra3map1, ra3map7, ra3map9, ra3map11, ra3map12, ra3map16, pro-q3dm6

6- Please report your game by emailing me at this address ( or contacting me on irc. The website will be updated with all of the results and stats the day after the 'round must be completed by' date.

7- Each team information page will contain stats about the games you have played. They should look interesting by the 3rd or 4th week, so keep an eye out.

8- An AGSN match server is being put up by killthraka as this email is being sent out. I will forward any information about it to you as I get it, especially since it seems to give better pings overall for matches.

This is an experiment of sorts because we have never played under swiss-style based rules. Thus if you have any complaints, suggestions, or unholy sexual demands... just let me know.

Headline here by atastypie on nov 23, 2003
Each team page is now updated with rosters, channels, and contact email. Please check your team info and make sure I did not make a mistake somewhere.

The first round schedule will be posted tonight :)
close to being underway by atastypie on nov 19, 2003
Teams has been updated. More information like rosters will appear as I can get them done. ra3map14 has been removed from the list and ra3map3 has been added. Everyone take a look at dm6++ and cpm21 as there have been suggestions about adding them into the list of useable maps and it just may happen, let me know what you think.
NWRA3 by atastypie on nov 17, 2003
The main idea behind this league is to play quake without any server hassle. This is done by forcing everyone to play on cls -8) This is planned to be a swiss-style league, to try to make things fun for everyone but still competitive. This setup assumes a certain number of teams, and if we dont get enough than we will probably switch to a round robin for the regular season and stick with a double elim bracket for playoffs.

Lets play quake and have fun sirs -8)