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November 9, 2009 by atastypie

So we came back for QuakeLive and played a whole bunch in QuakeNight and then the leagues ended and we all just kind of wandered off. They were some good times though! :)

Sept 11, 2009 by atastypie

Some dude hijacked my steam account :(

April 30, 2009 by atastypie

Welp, our last match played before Quake 3 / RA3 died for us was on 02/22/2004 against Overkill Zone. It was the Northwest RA3 finals! After a 5 year hiatus (involving poker, WoW, university, jobs, marriage, and other excuses depending on who you ask) Defiance is back and playing Quake Live.

Since we're based out of only a few towns (Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary) and are friends in real life it only took a couple of phone calls and everyone was back on the wagon. We added relapse, fearghas, and xenogath which puts our active roster big enough to run two teams. It is also the first time we've had an American in the clan since... oh shit I don't even know. Ask RakE, he's the historian.

Currently competing in National Gaming League 4v4 CA, 2v2 CA (relapse/fate, xern/jinrai, fear/tkl, xfoo/atastypie). The GGL ladder, as you probably know, is a piece of shit and we're only on it until something better comes along or they make the system better.

We've beaten u4 for NGL (once, they bitched and got us to play again, we won again, they disbanded) and lost to Overkill Zone on GGL. tkl's DM6 demo is 10mb and we will have revenge *shakes fist*. Demos are on Quake Scene.

Be sure to check out some of the nice dudes in pipeline, martyrs, and intravenous. They're all different mixes of NITE, Power Rangers, mob, and unclanned guys you'll remember from AGSN. Sorry if I missed someone there I am bad at names and shoutouts i'm just winging it :(

No resurgence of Clearscreen, Xtreme Crew, Zero Tolerance, or C4 yet. Hopefully some of these guys arrive and we can rock out with western Canadian clan arena again.

March 30, 2009 by atastypie

<fearghas> you know what this means, with xfoo being on an active team, I claim the spot of best freelancer on west :P

August 28, 2004 by RakE

<Beholder> BEER IS ABD

It's funny coz it's true.

So, let me start this update by saying HAHAHAH LOLOLOL THIS SITE HASN'T BEEN UPDATED SINCE JANUARY SO HERE'S YOUR DOUBLE WAHMBURGER W/EXTRA ROFLMAO. Ok, so what happened in 7 months? Let's see,.. we won that tournament that we created - NWRA3, it was nice to have the luxury of either equal pings, or having a slight ping advantage. Things hadn't been that way since Llarian was hositng a server for us in Seattle.

The RA3 scene totally dried up, and so some of us decided to give UT2K4 a shot. We did the same thing with UT2K3 but realized it sucked so much ass that we dropped it cold turkey. UT2K4 introduced a new game type known as Onslaught, and it sparked some interest... maybe this time we'd actually have a new game to play. Well, just like with UT2K3, the community totally killed UT2K4: newb admins running lame rules for leagues/ladders/tourneys, mutator servers popping up like mad (oh joy, more low-grav, big-head instagib!), and a lack of coverage/support for Onslaught. We played our fair share of scrims and matches and had some fun while it lasted, but things quickly stagnated.

Thankfully, yet another Fragapalooza was just around the corner. This would be the tourney to give Onslaught it's fair shake.. plus it would be on a LAN so the horrible UT netcode wouldn't come into play. Except BZZT. We all voted for UT assuming we'd get the chance to then vote on the mod (like was done last year with Quake) but nope. FP staff decided we were going to be playing tdm. Whee.

In all honesty we didn't practice or even play tdm until the week or so before FP when a bunch of the guys lanned at Lobot's house, but we were confident our fps experience would carry us pretty far. We ended up with 2nd place, losing by 3 frags, I think, vs. a ringer team made up of UT players. Pretty lol considering how little we actually played the damned game. There was also a 1v1 tourney, but that didn't go very well for our guys. Matches that should have and could have been won were lost.. oh well, we still had fun hanging out and whatnot, which is really what it's all about anyway.

DOOM3 was released and yet again id software fell JUST short of having an incredible multiplayer game - I don't know how hard it is for developers to have a game ship ready for action. Didn't they have pro players beta test it? I don't know. As a single player game it was unbelievable, I enjoyed playing it very much. As a multiplayer game? The community is going to have to get it's hands on it before it's actually worth playing. Right now all of the Quake players are diving into it, simply because it's id, I think.. but comparing it to other games it just seems really flat. Will it be the next big thing? I don't think so.. CS:S pretty much has a lock on that, but I think DOOM3 will definitely take off more than UT or Painkiloler did.

Oh, World of Warcraft is hopefully coming out in the next 3-8 months, and this is an open call to any and all Quake players who know us and who have played with us. We're going to be forming a guild! (ngheee) and we thought that having it be comprised of quakers would make it that much more fun. Message me (RakE) on IRC if you're interested (#defiance on We'll be playing as the Horde on a pvp server, so there will be plenty of action. Ultimately we'd like to see our ranks swell to triple digits and be a recognizable force on the server - as of this post I have 17 people confirmed.

So if you're planning on playing WoW at all, join defiance and play with some familiar faces as a team, rather than soloing or grouping with strangers. k bye.

January 11, 2004 by RakE

Mr.Pimp: fuck i can't wait for Mr.Pimp: fraga

Happy New Year, gang!

I like how this site gets updated quarterly, word up... TO COMPUTAR MACHIENES!!!!11one

Nothing much has happened - we got knocked out of XTGL by Oz in the playoffs, at a ping disadvantage yet again. This prompted xeno and pie to create a league of our own, with matches played on NW servers exclusively. We've all been playing too long to have to deal with the hassle of trying to get a fair game.

Surprise, surprise, we're undefeated :(

In other news, there's a cpm tdm tourney starting which we've entered. This will give our cpm guys something to look forward to as the scene has been really dry lately. Let's hope we can make an impact.

Oh, and in case you were wondering - yes Mr.Pimp is still socially maladjusted with self esteem issues, a lack of positive reinforcement at home, and no healthy outlet to vent his frustration over his various shortcomings.

Hey, fate.. where have you heard the last few lines before? Hmm.

August 12, 2003 by RakE

[11:17:45] <d|xeno> I finally get 125fps in quake! ;D

I shit you not, this just happened.

Condump from:
ASWP Chicago ra3 (1.65)|50ms| Thunderstruck, 1on1

>:(-RakE: you sure do spam a lot, sir
Zeecron: thanks
Zeecron: this is a spam map
Zeecron: gay map
Zeecron: open spamming map
time passes, I leave team to check out a burning smell, and then join in
Ryoma was melted by Zeecron's plasmagun
>:(-RakE: +attack
Zeecron: hahah
Zeecron: omg
Zeecron: what you got loaded now rake
Zeecron: ?
Zeecron: +attack?
Zeecron ate >:(-RakE's rocket
purgatory: lol
purgatory: nice slip up on the
purgatory: +attack moron
>:(-RakE: chatfragbot
Zeecron: what you got loaded bitch
>:(-RakE: +attack = you
Zeecron: you mean +hack
Zeecron: right
Zeecron: you should rename to +hack
>:(-RakE: you're thick, son
Zeecron: your lame son
>:(-RakE: +attack = spam
>:(-RakE: understand?
Zeecron: stfu
Zeecron: you were tying to type off a command
Zeecron: lame ass
>:(-RakE: I was?
>:(-RakE: +attack = +attack
>:(-RakE: that = fire
>:(-RakE: it's not complicated
Zeecron was melted by >:(-RakE's plasmagun
Zeecron: ya
Zeecron: leaves and comes back typing in commands
>:(-RakE: :D
Zeecron: but not binding attack to any keys
Zeecron: just typing attack
>:(-RakE: attack is fire.. why are you confused?
Zeecron: what do you type it for
Zeecron: unless your binding it
>:(-RakE: by me saying +attack, I was insinuating that all you were doing was holding down fire derailius: lmao
>:(-RakE: if you type +attack in the console, you fire, and continue to fireuntil ammo is exhausted
>:(-RakE: understand now?
>:(-RakE: I wish I could take screenshots zee
>:(-RakE: coz that was some of the most bizarre shit I've seen anyone say
Zeecron: +attack is binded to a fucking key
Zeecron: to attack
>:(-RakE: k shh
Zeecron: it is you moron fag
Zeecron: nobody just types +attack
>:(-RakE: I explained it quite clearly
>:(-RakE: I suggest you read the explanation
Zeecron: ya +attack is binded to my mouse moron
>:(-RakE: sigh
Zeecron: my left click
>:(-RakE: by me saying +attack, I was insinuating that all you were doing was holding down fire
>:(-RakE: if you type +attack in the console, you fire
>:(-RakE: and continue to fire until ammo is exhausted
>:(-RakE: understand now?
>:(-RakE: read that plz
time passes.. maybe 5 minutes
>:(-RakE: I think zee understands now :)
Zeecron disconnected

Please try and not smoke fat rocks of low-grade crack before playing RA3, kids - it just makes for messy situations and embarrassing logs.

August 7, 2003 by atastypie


2 months since the last news, at this rate the front page will be updated as much as the clan history page. wansanity2 finished with defiance getting knocked out by nobles in the playoffs but we put up a good run. I definatly feel that defiance is one of the most improved clans over the course of wansanity. when it first started, jinrai and myself were tdm newbies and wolfy had not played in a year or so. without a doubt we will be joining wansanity 2, only this time we will be in the east division -- doing that gives us the same pings against better clans and no annoying 110ping euro matches.

We dropped cal ra3 from a lack of interest and general feeling of retardation stemming from the admins. infact we stopped doing all online ra3 competition as the weeks towards fragapalooza lessened and we became more and more concerned about lan play. we put in many good hours on lan intending to get our teamwork and aim going for each of our teams. too bad teamplay on ra3 is very limited and important matches are usually decided by spawns and aim alone. for the third year in a row, defiance walked away from fragapalooza with 1st, 3rd, and 5th place. the team that won this year's ra3 event only had 1 player who was on the team that won last year (fate).

1st Place
defiance luk (the aim whores)
RakE, lobot, fate, xeno

3rd Place
defiance laf (the ballers) v0rt3x, paladin, tainted, syztem

5th Place
defiance hax (the cpm guys)
atastypie, xfoo, jinrai, wolfaaay

i wonder if anyone but defiance noticed that we didnt stack a team, and instead spread our talent out across all 3. we still won though, which says a lot for the quality and talent we have sucked up into our little family. other than the defiance teams, the only guys that scared us was ri. beholder and phlud are solid players, but when you add (ex-defiance) physics to your roster and sign up clash a week before fp starts you start looking like a ringer team out for the big win. which is what they were :) ri placed second. nite had a solid team that beat defiance hax to take 4th place and i wish i could remember the scores and the maps.

some of the ri and cls guys were cool and actually talked with us. during the tournament if i wasnt playing i was running one of the big screens. i got stuck being surrounded by a bunch of ri fanboys during the finals, running a cam for the team i was not rooting for. these guys cheered for ri and hated defiance up one wall and down the next. i loved listening to the comments people would say, not knowing (or maybe not caring) who i was. it was interesting hearing what other clans thought of individual players (things like "oh player x has the best railgun in defiance!"), because its rare that i get to hear an outside opinion about our clan.

the finals were a great show. since the map picks were done randomly, we had to suffer through ra3map3 twice. defiance luk won the loser bracket, which meant that they had to defeat ri twice to get the win which they ended up doing. defiance luk had been knocked into the losers bracket by ri in the winners bracket semis. ri also defeated defiance hax during the quaters, and luk defeated laf on the other side of the winner quarters. demos and brackets will posted whenever the fp staff gets around to it.

cls and ri are drinking savages and defiance are stoners. maybe if you switched over to the green you wouldnt wake up with a huge hangover before a final, eh clash? :) i remember coming in from lunch and going to the bathroom to see clash bending over the toilet trying to puke. i followed him out and he sat down to play the final. he was still the best player on the server :(

* fp demos are HERE. Good luck finding the ones you're looking for :)

Update to the Update by RakE

pie neglected to mention something.

I've been at every FP west since 1997, as have a few others.. namely Lobot. Now, throughout the years there have been a number of large prize giveaways and Lobot never won any. He placed third three times in tourneys, but always walked away with crappy loot. Well this year was to be different. Firstly there was a booth holding 50/50 draws (with a really cute girl that Lob failed to pick up.. GOOD FUCKING JOB) and Lobot basically had to be forced to enter one. Oh look, he won. What's that? $350 cash and a p4 3.0C + mobo? NOICE. Hey, guess what? There was a 128 player single elim paper/rock/scissors tourney. Lobot won... another p4 3.0C + mobo! COULD HE BE ANY FAGGIER?


He was on the winning team in the RA3 tourney. Say hello to yet another P4 3.0C + mobo! If he ever EVER whines again about not winning anything, please give him a frontal wedgie (mangina) for me. In other news, we scooped up clash to play cpm with us. Look for defiance to make a splash in wansanity2!

May 12, 2003 by xfoo

rmIon: and it's hard to vote against a team led by the guy w/the greatest name in the history of Q3: atastypie
ranger: don't be an xfoo, go with defiance to win by a trillian!


From xfoo!

Deal with it!

So something happened on the ra3 front. A shitty ra3 update followed by shittier ra3 maps. Ho hum. I don't know what's happened with ra3, so someone else can update that.

Defiance has jumped back into some q3 tdm. More specifically, jumped into the WANsanity CPMA tdm tourney. This tourney has the most teams playing in it since qil3, with over 43 active teams going into week 5.

The start of the season was a little rough. Our lineup consisted of 1 CPMA player and 3-5 ra3 players. But by the end of the week defiance had picked up CPMA and were cruising. A few scrims prior to the start of WANsanity had us seeded #6 in the west. We all knew that we were better than that.

Our first week matchup was agains the lovely QGirlz. We demolished them. xfoo showed everyone how it's done on cpm4 by finishing with 63 kills, 0 deaths. Not much to say here so lets move on.

Week two was against the aliased team Gazebo, aka 519 plus czm. We smacked them silly on cpm21 and cpm18. cpm4 was a little different. Playing against a lineup which would dominate just about every NA vq3 tdm, we lost. Out aimed and out played we knew what map we had to work on to be successful in this league.

Week three was the start of cross-divisional games. The defiance crew were slotted to play Darkside, a pretty damn good team. We were swept in the series, but at the same time we weren't that unhappy with our performance. atastypie and myself had been out of town for a 3 days prior. Hence no warmup and no practice going into our toughest match. Things just may have been a bit different with practice and warmup. GG'z and well played D|S.

After our loss in week 3 we were determined to play well in our next match. Ascension, a mid-tiered vq3 tdm team was our opponent. The beatings were savage. defiance sweeps 3-0. Ascension did not manage 100 frags total over the 3 maps, whereas defiance averaged 200 frags per map. Sadly, Ascension couldn't field 4 players for the final map, cpm4. Knowing they would recieve a forfeit loss anyways they played 3v4. Big props and much <3 to them for finishing the match.

Moving into week 5 things are looking a little tight for playoffs. 15 of the 20 west teams can still grab one of 8 playoff spots - if they play well in the remaining 3 weeks. defiance is currently #3 in the west, with abuse and *69 above us. Our Seasonal Net Score is +1129, 500 frags higher than anyone else in the west. And we're by far the sexiest looking team out there. But not everything is great. Our week 5 matchup is against one of the top 2 WANsanity teams, abuse.

We aren't going to make the same mistake as week3. Lots of scrims and demo watching for abuse. Lets see if we can take a map. Hell, lets see if we can take the series. Actually, fuck all that. Lets see if we can sweep abuse 3-0.

peace out, later, see ya, <3, defiance what?

April 5, 2003 by RakE

[06:36:19] <d|fate> never lay a hand on a lady
[06:36:24] <d|fate> unless she burns the toast

Me: "Hello update, what's up?"
Update: "I'm drunk and have to take a shit"
Me: "Where have you been, I've worried myself sick!"
Update: "Shut up, you sound like my god damned mom"

That conversation went on for an hour before I realized I was actually talking to a half eaten sandwich sitting on my desk. It is best to read the expiration date on mayonnaise before applying it to bread.

Mother of God, what the hell has happened in the last month? First off, we made it pretty far in the first CAL RA3 season - we advanced to the semi-finals where we played our GOOD CHUMS NiTE. They outplayed us and took the game 14-11 improving to 1-7 vs us in matches :) Fortunately they defeated Oz in the finals making us look a bit better: "Hey man, our only loss in CAL was to the EVENTUAL FUCKING CHAMPIONS". We challenged them to a rematch on and handed them their asses, with a side of spring greens (ranch dressing on the side), and a coke. 1-8 champs! KEEP ON TRUCKIN'!!. Too bad they won the match that mattered :(

Aside from getting knocked out of tournaments and whatnot, we picked up a new member. The much loved and much respected syztem joined our ranks not too long ago after going clanless for quite some time. Word has it he was so mature and composed that many clans felt immature and insignificant having him around, forcing him to wander the scene, teaching players everywhere the virtues of sportsmanship, irc conduct, and dental hygiene.

Finally, last night we played nails for the #2 spot on I was in Lake Louise drinking copious amounts of wine on the hill, and snowboarding while being completely numb, so I'm not sure how the game went specifically. I think I'll grab a demo and see just how we managed to completely destroy them 5-3, 5-0. Five wins in a row, nine wins in the last 11 games with none by forfeit... I think the slump is ovah.

March 7, 2003 by RakE

[07:15:51] <d|RakE> hey zetima, remember that time you declined an invitation into defiance and joined ub3r instead and then they died?
[07:15:53] <d|RakE> that was funny


This update goes out to my main man xfoo!

(shut up)

Let's see.. we lost to Oz in a hard-fought game, we defeated SHUSH for CAL in what turns out was round one of two - we play them in our first match of the CAL Playoffs, and we spanked cali clan [lgc] in our first ever meeting with them. They say that we won because of pings and crap.. meh, not like we haven't heard that before.


Feb 11, 2003 by RakE

[02:16:55] <d|fate> its so hard to stay and play when you're getting totally dominated
[02:19:28] <d|fate> and smell apple pancakes

**UPDATE** New bakery up at !!!

Ok, so some crap happened, and I can't quite remember what it was. I think we played some matches. Won some, lost one, you know how it goes. One thing I do remember is beating NiTE in a double header to remain undefeated against them in official matches. They beat us in scrims, but always get their asses handed to them come match time. Very odd, indeed.

Last night we faced off against \pr\ in the Battle of the Undefeated CAL Teams and expected a grueling, hard fought game with thrills and chills, and perhaps some spills; instead, we totally shut them down prompting them to leave the server after the second map was played. I'm not sure if they forgot that all three maps have to be played or what.. we had mathematically won the match by that point, after all. In a show of good sportsmanship, they agreed to play the final map.. I imagine they did so in order to win some rounds, though. We couldn't shut them out for all three, so I guess MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, FELLAS.

In other, more exciting news, defiance will soon have a RA3 server sitting on one of the best internet hubs in North America. Llarian was kind enough to donate some space on his server in order to host the new bakery! Situated in Seattle (isn't that a fucking movie or some shit?) on a disgusting connection, this server should be the ideal middle ground for SW and NW clans to kill each other. Many thanks to Llarian (and citizen for steering me in the right direction), I'll post the server info here once the sucker goes up.

Since I'm thanking everyone, I have to thank Advis for graciously hosting the local bakery, as well as keeping it running smoothly.. as well as administrating the new bakery @ Llarian's. Who knows how long he'll have the time to do it, but until he quits, he has our appreciation.

It's been a very good week for us :)

Jan 21, 2003 by atastypie

[06:30:14] <d|tainted> nice spew bro

we held a defiance LAN on the 19th. It was the first time any of us had done so in a long, long time... since fragapalooza last summer. it was good -8) in attendence from defiance was rake, wolfy, lobot, fate, xeno, physics and myself. we couldnt make the lan 100% defiance as our other options of players (jinrai, impact, xfoo) we either out of town or working. as our 8th we invited cls||draconus -- he filled his spot very well.

after showing up at 10 am (and wolfy and myself locking ourselves outside for 45 minutes) we were setup and ready to go. solid ra3 4v4's on lan feels fantastic! oh how i had miss that... luckily we played our CAL week2 match against cls that night at 11pm. even more luckily draconus was playing for his clan and we could see firsthand how drunk he had become in the 11 hours before the match :) fucking drac kept telling his clan where our players were and how much life we had over gamevoice. what a fag! defiance walked away with a 15-5 win.

7 clans are 2-0 in CAL (in the west) and all tied with 4 points. pr, NITE, defiance, SHUSH, wX, oz, nails. i expect the following of those 7 to win next week to stay undefeated: pr, NITE, defiance, nails and possilby wX. next week we play zt who proved they are back on their game by defeating ryda 14-12. i dont really like the maps for the third week: ra3map3, ra3map13, ra3map7. they all scream 'CAMP ME!!!' -8(

on the 20th we played a rematch against pr for -- nobody had challenged either of our teams in the two days since we last played so pr simply challenged us. dm6 was an obvious map pick. we then mixed things up for once by calling ra3map12 as the tie breaker. pr also picked something other than their usual call by going with ra3map1.

we played ra3map1 first and lost the first two rounds. pr was playing a logo camp strat while we went all out ramps and it was working well for them. we mixed up our strats from there and started pressuring them well. it worked and pr couldnt hit those clutch shots to win any more rounds. we won ra3map1 5-2. dm6 rolled around and TRAINADIN busted out some crazy damage and kills to carry us to a 5-0 lead. lots of the rounds were very close. ggs.

upcoming on is a match for the #1 spot against nails. its been too long since we were up top and this is going to be an intense match. the last time nails were defeated it was by defiance, but that was 5 (!) matches ago. since then they have gone on a winning streak defeating oz, pr, vr, oz again and cls. thats quite the record! in the last 15 games played by nails they have only lost 3 times - 2 of which have been to defiance. good lord. the match is set to START at fucking 12:30 on a sunday night because nails wont play without their 4th man on the starting lineup. what the shit is a starting lineup? you mean, you cant just throw out 4 guys? give me a break...

Jan 12, 2003 by RaKE

[06:21:45] <squim|vc> damn....he has hit my akillis heal

Who shot who in the what now?

defiance just played it's first CAL RA3 regular season match vs. Adrenaline Rush, and it went basically the way we thought it would. ar managed to grab more rounds than we'd thought on the super sneaky campy ra3map5, only because they were more patient than us. That map is such a campy pos, it's hard for me to comprehend. We fought through the camp and outaimed our way to a 15-8 win. Our guys are warming up for the big match vs. \pr\ to be played in about an hour: I predict a huge fight for servers as the ar server is down, and \pr\ hates doing dual. Somehow I think they feel that it's cheap. Shrug. Try playing outside of cali once in a while, and you might get used to pings higher than 60.

Jan 6, 2003 by fate

Check it out, fate is actually gonna do a website update thingy, lolocoptors?

Anyways, after one, two, three, fo.. eh (lots) of losses to pr. We finally got shit sorted and played some decent games of Quake Three Arena. Things went better then expected on map3. After developing a few new strats, the routine break-down after loosing 2-3 rounds to pr didn't happen, we stuck together, used that thing some people refeer to as "aim", and just played well, (5-2 map3). When we hit up dm6, pr took us by surprise. Most people know that when it comes to dm6, (defiance's home away from home) its not very likely we'll loose. We where expecting pr to head to bridge of the bat like they usually do, but instead they headed to RA. Unprepared for this we attempted a few rushes, and controlling quad. After breaking down a few times we finally lost a well played game by pr, (4-5). The Tiebraker was on map7, the usual spammy battles broke out in the middle, after it was clear that defiance's lg's where as slick as apu's cum on pala's mom's ass (RakE: eww?)

, pr retreated to pillar room. A good idea, but defiance didn't really feel like loosing again. After constant poking from both hallway and centre enterances pr brokeup and defaince was able to get in and cleanup. (5-3). gg's pr. We know we will be seeing them again.

Jan 3, 2003 by atastypie

[05:49:58] <\img\hoo> rail_width? are these comands u guys are talkin about?

cal preseason finished with a forfit and defiance ran into a minor holiday slump. we got our shit together just in time to play NITE. the match started quickly and we jumped on the cls server because my poor poor bakery had crash and burned and needed to be restarted. NITE took us out on map3 4-5 and gave us strong runs on both map12 (5-2) and pro-q3dm6 (5-3). cal ra3 season 1 starts soon, we have a nifty schedule of all northwest teams. we'll see you on the bakery every sunday night!

if your clan is looking for scrims and is willing to play at the bakery stop by our channel PLEASE. we've hit a tide of inactivity but are wanting to end that. we are especially looking for scrims on sundays (starting as early as 6pm mst) as that is when we are looking for a good warmup for our matches. the bakery is going to be renamed and also going to go non-pure so that we can all enjoy a little music and spare us all from having to deal with damagekick. pb is still watching you!

in non-defiance news, so long c4! you'll be back with the same core under one name or another, looking forward to playing you again. also, the new string of aliases on agsn is refreshing -- it lets all of us one nickname players relearn all over again who is a fag and who isnt.

Dec 17, 2002 by atastypie

[01:20:57] <d|tainted> TIFFANY OWNZ!

cal preseason is almost done. on we defeated nails and challenged pr for #1. before the pr match we played the defiance from the uk which really fucked us over. ever tried playing 5v5 no self no fall with a 200 ping? oh, and they play best of 21 rounds as well. it was intended to be a for-fun match, but it ended up being fucking annoying. it lasted almost 2 hours to play 4 fucking maps. we played best of 21 on 2 maps on their server and the same thing on our server, we ended up losing by a few rounds. playing as an hpb on uk pubs was fun, but in matches when the other team is more interested in group shafting you it is just aggrivating :(

this really threw us off our game. i was still feeling it once the pr match camr around a few hours later, even though we had some lpb scrims beforehand. it is terrible playing for an hour or so on the bakery and then trying to switch to ar. adrenaline rush is a cool clan, and their server is often the best halfway for canadians and americans, but the server just isn't smooth. we chop chop choppd our way to a loss 2-1 (10-12) against pr, a game almost identicle to the last time we played them (which was 2-1; 10-11 i believe) on the exact same map calls of ra3map3, pro-q3dm6, ra3map7. defiance played atastypie, fate, physics, tainted, and jinrai. if we had played pr in either the isb or in cal we would have won by rounds (by 1 and by 2 respectfully) rather than take a loss.

we're looking to challenge pr again and take a win from them. assuming nobody challenges either us or pr (we're ranked at #2 currently) we will do so after midnight tonight. pr is the only clan that has defeated us twice, and we look to end that trend. LOL THAT MAKES RHYME

Dec 8, 2002 by RakE

[11:15:36] <cls||yertle> isb west winners, but stilllosers in general!

Yes, but we have friends :(

Well now, it looks like defiance has just won the ISB Winter Invitational Tourney - defeating local rivals [NITE] in an entertaining series of rounds. We were warmed up and confident coming in, and decided on a starting lineup of atastypie, fate, phyzics, and myself. After steamrolling them 5-1 on their map pick (map12) we decided on dm6 as our pick - with the final map being dm6 as well (decided by the tourney). In a baffling move, NITE subbed out driver8, easily their best player, after the loss on map12. I honestly think that this was their undoing as our confidence level climbed after watching him leave the server.

We stuck it to them on dm6, and made a comeback when down 4-2 to get the win. With the score 10-5 we had almost no chance of losing going into the third game as NITE had to sweep it to force it into OT. Unfortunately, they all gave up after losing the first round of the third game (except Beholder, he's a class act), and we trained them 5-1. Good games and well played... now we see if we get to play the East winner to determine TEH ULTIMATE GRANDE CHAMPEION WINNAR OF TEH INTARWEB GAEMING THINGS!!11

Dec 3, 2002 by atastypie

[06:06:27] <d|atastypie> DONT MESS (THUGS!!!!)


at has happened since the loss against oz on loss vs pr - poorly played game where we just didnt 'click' as a team. the games were all very close, and next time we play pr we fully expect to win. dont want to take any steam from pr here though - they played great and deserved their win 100%. win vs n7 - these guys eat pie and that's ok with me. we beat them and stuff.

isb news: defiance has reached the finals! last night we defeated Team VR in a close game -- 11 to 10. the isb tournament plays with weird rules, where you play all 3 maps and then add up total rounds won. i actually like that better than the best of three format that other ladders and leagues use. pings were faily close - 50 50 100 100 for VR, 40 75 75 100 for defiance. so what were the scores?

RA3MAP3: 5-0 defiance
RA3MAP7: 5-3 Team VR
RA3MAP12: 5-3 Team VR

map3 was just pure fate beatdown. after getting angry at himself for not playing his top game in our match against n7 earlier in the night he pulled out some serious railroad tracks and trained all over VR. looking back, we should have called map3 right away after sweeping VR, but we decided to hit up some map7 instead.

map7: a great map until you get left with a 1v1. there are so few options you can do, especially compared to a more flowing map like pro-q3dm6. i think we lost 3 1v1's on this map to VR players -- props to them for having more patience and hitting those clutch shots. regardless, map7 is usually one of our strongest maps and we should have taken more rounds on this one.

map12: we went in thinking 'win 3 rounds and the game is over'. we got 3 when vr had 4, then just ran around for the last round to get the game overwith. it was 1am and this pie sure was sleepy :(

Oct 30, 2002 by RakE


It's been a while again... let's see: we lost #1 on to Oz, we spanked a shit-talking nails, and we beat a skilled group of easties called Etobicoke. I think they were held back by their pings a bit, as you could tell they could bust out mad shit when needed. We just outpinged and outplayed them. Thanks to Advis and pie, we now have our very own ra3 server up! You can find it at:

It's already a hit as most people ping really well to it. If you see Addy online give him a big wet boner in the face. We're also getting back into TDM - the Quake Classic Invitational Extraordinaire Championship Turbo EX 3 Alpha League is a go, and we have to beat bgc to qualify. It will be a lot of fun, but we're going to have to practice a ton so as not to get embarrassed playing with the big boys again.


Oct 3, 2002 by atastypie

[07:47:02] <Rixor> MMM SWEET SWEET PIE

Played oz last night. won in the third map. here's a lesson for all clans: it's real easy to look at servers - you either have autopinger installed so that a comparison is done right when an ip is suggested, or you just hop onto servers and look, rather than talking in irc. 0z, in all of their brilliance, decided that neither of these measures were necessary. An hour through said brilliance we finally landed on a server. Things never change though - they had one guy who's 100 ping magically turned into 50 as soon as we started to ready up, which increased the ping advantage in their favour to about 30ms per player. v0rt was a train of course, but slightly behind schedule with a solid 130 ping. fate killed things, xeno killed things, I died a lot... literally - I installed quake3 an hour and a half before the match. After so much ut2003, my old favorite felt very strange. I bet she slept with someone while I was away. The bitch.

Oct 1, 2002 by atastypie

[11:18:43] <cherokee> neone know where i can buy some pepper spray?

Sure has been a long time since the last update. We have a new member: ice. He has mad dm skills which balances out the rocket arena newb in most of us.

UT2K3 came out and we are playing well in leagues and scrims up to this point. In rocket arena we played a fuckwit clan and lost our coveted home a the top of the ladder. This of course angered all forms of people. We then played another fuckwit clan and lost - I blame commo's poor performance in the pre-game fellatio. This led to further anger from our only fan left and we got our shit together... of course we won and everything is a-ok! Personally I blame the pact I made with the dark master and the very expensive drugs available at your nearest black market. Just wheel on over to one and tell 'em you were sent by a pie.

RakE and DeeAy got married! word.

The CAL bombing run league is going to start up so that'll be all sorts of would be better if we had more people playing UT2K3, but it's not like I'm going to point any fingers at the people who think it is not as much fun. ;)

That about wraps up my little update. I'm going to run now, remember to enjoy your desserts - even mog does - and you can't say no to that!

Aug 14, 2002 by RakE

[09:15:29] <d|wolfy> stupid clans not showing up and making us take a stupid forfeit win

Defiance wants to welcome the newest addition to the roster: xeno. Xeno has been around for quite a while, but has only recently emerged as one of the better player on local RA3 servers. We feel that with a bit of scrim experience, he'll be up to speed competition- wise. Our roster gets even more deep... excellent.

[vr] couldn't show up for the match they challenged us to, so we get a forfeit win. Right after the win was awarded, they challenged us again. Instead of going through the hassles of rescheduling, we offered to play them tonight... but despite the fact that they challenged us again, and some of their members were whining that we "raced to report the lame forfeit", they still couldn't get 4 players together. The only players that were even slightly active we those in the clan not even on the vr1 roster. For a clan that high on the ladder, I'm amazed at their level of organization. We'll play them in 4 or 5 days, I hope... unless they can't figure out how to show up again :)

Aug 13, 2002 by RakE

[11:26:42] <[NITE]Baron_X> only clan better then us is vr right now

Isn't it odd that basically right after Baron-X said that, NITE dropped out of the ra3 scene? Expect new 'QoD's starting with the next news post. (OMG WHEE)

Oz challenged us on the ladder with the intention of taking back the #1 spot that we stole from them a little while ago. We were prepared for the games, and had kept in shape during the off days between our previous match, and this one. We had the fortune of finding a neutral server in which both teams pinged 35-60 - virtually unheard of when NW and SW teams play. Let's hope that server stays up for a while :)

Map1 was dm6 - you know the drill. After falling behind 1-0, we changed up our strats and won 5 rounds in a row against a scrambling Oz squad. I love that map, I really do :)

We played the second game on ra3map1, one which we've had mixed success on. It's been around forever and has been played to death - it's basically the ra3 equivalent of q3dm6. We played pretty well, but got isolated and subsequently picked off by katmai and the rest of the Oz railers. We made them sweat a bit, as they squeezed out a 5-4 win.

Coming back to our map, the match was in our hands. I don't know about the rest of my team, but I honestly don't think that I looked at the scores more than once on map7. The only time I did was when we were down 4-3 and wolfy said to us on GV "come ON guys!" Well we came on, all right. ALL OVER OZ!@#. This was a great game, just like the one on map1.. only with the scores reversed.

Fantastic games by Oz, and good sportsmanship. It's amazing how people act when there's nothing to bitch about (that goes for us, too)

Aug 8, 2002 by RakE

We just defended our #1 spot for the first time against one of our scrim partners, [g0d]. The games were good and fun, with even and low pings being a nice change (except for anniemal's connect.. it was acting up a bit)

Map1 was dm6, and we just happened to play one of our better games, on our best map no less. This means trouble for the opponent, I don't care who they are. 5-0 for us.. I've watched the demo twice already because I actually played decently :)

Map2 was ra3map8. Why, you ask? I don't know. The thing doesn't even have team locations or team colours on warmup coded in. Things got off to a good start, until annie's connection crapped out. We let her come back, and picked up where we left off; unfortunately for us, we totally lost momentum and g0d went up 4-3. We basically said "OMG WIN THIS", and buckled down. With mad ffa action and the occasional poo, we came back to win 5-4. GGs by [g0d]. I hope this post doesn't throw GirLy into a tizzy. A TIZZY I SAY.

Aug 6, 2002 by RakE

Well that was.. interesting.

We just had our match shoutcasted by the retards over at jumpingmens (arj and Feck). They're actually pretty entertaining to listen to for the most part, if you don't take into consideration Feck's unholy passion for song.

The match would determine the #1 spot on the West Open Ladder: we've slowly fought our way up, and managed to make our first challenge for that top spot. Since they're in Cali, and we're not, we both decided to do the dual server thing. One team picks a server which one map is played - best of 11. The other team then does the same, with total scores from both maps deciding the winner.

Their pick was map11, which we had been practicing all day. Our goal here was to keep things as close as possible to leave us with a chance to win it on dm6 (our map pick on our server). We were sorely outpinged, but we were prepared. Oz. over d| 6-4 (close enough for us to win it, but not as close as we would have liked).

This whole match was met by delays from Oz: whether it be during server selection, or them arranging to have 4 on the server for the first and the second map, or after the interruption on the second map... etc. We fell behind early, but fought back to win it 6-3. (I think we were down 3-2.. or perhaps it was 3-3). Final score = 10-9 d|

Defiance now sits atop the West ladder for the time being. Good job atp, v0rt3x, wolfy and fate.

July 11, 2002 by RakE

FP2002 Day 1

w00t w00t, here at FP2002 with the whole gang. It's funny when guys you know are 16-17 etc, because each year you see them, they look totally different.

We totally lucked out with the seedings: team1 is seeded #1, team2 is seeded #2, and team3 is seeded #11. (xfoo: "FUCKING GAY GOD DAMNIT SUCK MY DICK AARSDHFSD"). That was xfoo. He's a dork.

Team3 played Connected and did really well. Map1 was a blowout with us taking it 5-0. Map2 was on dm6, and wasn't that close either. 5-2 for us. Team2 played {DAM} (who just installed ra3 today) and breezed by 2-0 (5-0, 5-0: map1, dm6). They're a great group of guys who would own us so hard at UT.. Good stuff, indeed.

July 12, 2002 - RakE

FP2002 Day 2

Day 2 here at FP2002.. it's pretty fun so far. I think we've already played more Q3 than we did all of last year :o.

Team1 got to play their first match today, and didn't disappoint. 5-0, 5-0 (dm6, map11) Team2 played DD. on dm6 and map11 as well, and walked away with a 2-0 victory (5-1, 5-1). We were totally cold going in and didn't play to our potential. Fortunately we scraped out a win.. we'll be scrimming a lot more now, as the latter rounds are just going to get more tough. In the highlight match of the day (so far), team3 took down sac 2-0 (dm6 5-1, map11 5-0) with apu busting out some curry with his 1H pweenage.

Holy shit? team2 just played a crazily intense match against Compliance. We knew they had the potential to pull an upset, but I don't think we bargained on it actually happening. We played both games on dm6, and it was basically as close as it gets. We won map1 5-4 after losing a 4-2 lead, and were in control going into the second map. Well, we thought we were: Compliance pulled out all the stops and stretched out a 4-2 lead. We played hard and came back to win it 5-4. Too close.

Team1 played team3 (dm6/dm6) and walked away with a 2-0 win (5-2, 5-2). Our next games are going to decide who goes to the winners' bracket finals: Team1 has to play NITE, and team2 has to play Resonant Impact.

Hey guess who got to eliminate NITE? We came into this game confident that we would win, and when NITE picked their map (map12) we kinda knew we would. We had practiced map12 for around 2 hours over the course of the weekend, and took scrims from them 5-0 a couple of times. After smoking them 5-0 on dm6, we went to map12 and fell behind early. We pulled shit together and won the map 5-4. Before the tourney started, Baron-X made a verbal wager of $20, stating that NITE would finish higher than us in the tourney. Needless to say, he didn't pay up.. but that's ok, because we owned them something fierce on the big screen. Click HERE to see what was projected for 500+ people to see.

Team2 and team3 had to play to see who had the unfortunate honour of sitting for the rest of the tourney. The games weren't as close as we would have liked, but they played us hard. 5-1, 5-2 both on dm6. ggs guys.

Team1 just finished their match against Resonant Impact - the guys that knocked team2 into the losers' bracket. They busted out some defiance skillz and took them down 2-0 (5-4 dm6, 5-1 map7)

So now team2 has to play NITE, with the winner of that playing (((fags))) to see plays team1 in the finals. Cross your fingers for an all-defiance final :)

I forgot to update last night after team1 owned NITE:

Team1 owned NITE.

The scores were 5-1 on dm6, and 5-2 on map9. No surprise there, really...


July 13, 2002 by RakE

FP2002 Day 3

<v0rt3x at FP2002> I'M A FUCKING TRAIN!


e word: fuck. Team2 had a rematch vs. ((())) to see who got to lose to team1 in the finals. We lost to them on dm6, which was a total piss-off. They just seemed to do the things that win matches, ie. hitting the clutch shots, and as a result we were down 1-0. We had practiced map7 in anticipation of them picking it... which they did. It was a really close match, with us coming out on top 5-4. When we went up to get the random map, we were hoping it would be dm6: it's our strongest map, and we're all super comfortable on it. As luck would have it, dm6 was drawn. At this point, it was our game to lose; unfortunately, we did. We simply got outplayed, which is the best way to lose. It also helped that they're a nice bunch of guys, who can win and lose graciously. This set up the finals, which was played later in the night...

((())) had to beat team1 twice in order to win it all - considering team1 only lost to 1 team (team2) all weekend, we couldn't really see that happening. On dm6 ((())) played as hard as they did against team2, but couldn't quite get past team1. 5-4 for us. ((())) chose map7, which we were COMPLETELY prepared for. We won the tourney in fine fashion, by taking the last map 5-2.

Congrats to all 3 of our teams, we would have loved to finish 1, 2, 3, but that really wasn't feasible. Props to the FP staff for running a fantastic tournament - this was one of the best run events I've attended. Good job. Oh, and VooDoo PC.. shut the hell up.

June 30, 2002 by RakE

[12:08:08] <d|xfoo> you lick fat amounts of chode IF THE SITE ISNT UPDATED MR. RAK@#! SIR


This will be short and sweet.. defiance has finalized it's three teams for Fragapalooza 2k2.

Team 1 (yet to be named)
fate, v0rt3x, atastypie, wolfy

Team 2 (yet to be named)
Lobot, tainted, paladin, RakE

Team 3 (yet to be named)
jinrai, impact, xfoo, apu


June 30, 2002 by RakE

don't feel like doing a detailed write-up of our match vs. v|r2. We simply didn't play to win, and didn't win as a result. Everyone who played for us will attest to that, and against a squad like v|r you have to bring your best or you'll get sacked. Good games by v|r, bad games by us :)

June 14, 2002 by RakE

[11:26:15][NITE]Baron_X: why u challenge us
[11:26:22]d|wolfy: easiest clan ahead of us
[11:26:32][NITE]Baron_X: aha funny 1 wolf
[11:26:42][NITE]Baron_X: only clan better then us is vr right now


In what might have been the most unnecessarily lame match ever, defiance is again victorious. Before this one even started, I predicted that NITE Red would make playing our match difficult. It started out with NITE not having four LEGAL players ready until 40 minutes past match time. We could have easily taken a forfeit win (as we had 8 or 9 players online) but we decided against it. Might I add at this point that the only times they proposed were 10PST and, well.. 10PST, which is a little late for us people using MST. So around 11:45 we hop into the server.. OR DO WE!?!? For some fucked up reason, NITE refused to even check pings on Ned's, a server that they all play on and that we all ping less than 55 to. Eventually they got on the server, only to leave because the pings weren't fair (their highest ping was around 65, courtesy of driver8). So as a compromise, they pick NITE match server. This was as much a compromise as pala's mom is a virgin. Well needless to say there was a ping disadvantage for us on this server, with 2 of our guys pinging 75+. In the end we decided on dual server mode, where they get to play their first map choice on their server, and the clans play best of 11. Then we move to our server to play our first map. This is also played best of 11, with the winner being determined by adding the 2 scores together.

Let me start by saying this: NITE, this is a game. A game in which kids and adults play to get away from school, work, idiots, etc. Please don't worry about your reputation as a clan, and try not to be so cocky when you're about to play a match. Shit talking and psych-outs don't work on us. If anything, it just serves as further motivation for us to beat you. Which we did. Just so you remember. On the NITE server, we played on map12 - arguably their best. Their whole team has pretty good rails, and they seem to play this map a lot. This was actually our first time playing it in a match environment, and I'm very pleased with how we did. I don't have a recap because I haven't watched the demo, but NITE came away with a 6-5 win. We kept it as close as possible, which would help us out on dm6. At Ned's we fired up dm6 and started out strong. We were pretty confident at this point, altho we weren't counting on a win - NITE is the kind of team that can put together a huge run and beat you before you realize it. We ended up winning 6-3, and winning the match overall by a score of 11-8.

The fact that NITE has a few players with social ineptitude makes them pretty hard to deal with at times. The clan as a whole is fine, but it's just these "problem players" that help form our opinions of the group. Good games, and please work on that attitude. Oh ya, we can't wait to play you on a LAN >:)

June 10, 2002 by RakE

[09:59:10] <d|RakE> FUCKWSIYF#*@

We just finished playing xXx, and lemme tell ya, I'm as sweaty as Ron Jeremy. This match was a nail-biter, and even had some drama, too! We spent a good 15 minutes in IRC trying to find a server - when we basically forced them to play on xXx (which they objected to) we were still outpinged by around 20ms. I really don't understand these clans that instantly get defensive when you want them to play on a fair server, where both teams have the same or similar ping. Is this not the most fair and fun situation? Isn't competition what it's all about? Not in California it's not.

Game1 was ra3map11 - it took us forever to start because of a player surplus on our end. We started out ok, but faded in the middle rounds. The mood was a quiet one after getting tuned 5-2.

Game2 was on dm6 and we had to win this to stay alive. I don't know of many ra3 clans that will be able to beat us on this map, and suits me juuust fine. We took it to them, and used positioning to win 5-3.

Game3 took place on ra3map3 (I had originally thought we picked map7, so I was all confused). This game was back and forth the whole time, and proved to be the closest one we've played. Llamas kept joining the server, so we had to keep kicking them. Well, one of the newbs got offended and used an RA3 voting exploit to kick atastypie in the middle of a round. It's a good thing he was dead already :o. It came down to the game being tied 4-4 with atp at 30H, me at 15H, and a weak enemy. Pie execed llama.cfg and started sneaking around with a railgun, and guess what? It worked. Defiance 5, xXx 4. The drama in this match came after xXx had already reported the loss. fL1Pm0d3 messaged me asking for our demos (over 1hr after the games). I readily accept and zip mine up. After atp got kicked and rejoined, he forgot to restart his demo (which I told fl1p straight up - he replied "k") Then he comes back to tell me that xXx feel the match should be replayed because the server had 100lg ammo, and a half of a demo isn't good enough. (he actually just didn't record the last 6 minutes or so) Needless to say, we weren't going to rematch, simply because they had no reason to request one other than the fact that they lost. By 1. With a ping advantage. gg.

June 8, 2002 - by RakE

[06:43:34] <Missy> i notice your topic says west ra3
[06:43:54] <Missy> calgary/edmonton/toronto/ottawa = not west

My, but aren't you a smart one. More on that later.

I'm getting lazy with this page again.. gotta stop doing that. We played 2 matches since the last update, so I'll do a brief recap on both.

The first was a match vs. LoD2 - they challenged us on the ladder.. I guess they wanted a rematch. Game one was on dm6 (which we still haven't lost on). They played us a lot harder than they did last time, and gave us a bit of a scare by going up 4-3. We came back to win it 5-4, but not after a fair bit of sweating (and v0rt3x wasn't even playing!). Game 2 was on map3 and was a fairly routine contest... until the end. I'll refrain from writing a recap, and just let this screenshot speak for itself:

I love paladin with all of my body (including my pp). We won 2-0.

Now onto the match vs. g0d - we played decently and were a bit surprised by their rails on map8. Buckling down, we took them 2 maps to 0, but the scores were surprisingly close. g0d is a skilled group of women, which is always good to see. In the second map (dm6) we had a bit of drama, but I'd like to personally thank the people involved for acting maturely and allowing things to settle down. Much appreciated, mangs.

*AMMENDMENT* Ninjas are sooooooooooo sweet that I want to crap my pants.I can't believe it sometimes, but I feel it inside my heart. These guys are totally awesome and that's a fact. Ninjas are fast, smooth, cool, strong, powerful, and sweet. I can't wait to start yoga next year.

May 25, 2002 by RakE

[05:47:52] <d|fate> Hi RaK, u ARe very GOod at Qakue Three Arenas, Cans i jion Defainec also?

Late updates are gay.

We played RYDA a few days ago, in another "Adventure with Totally Immature and Egotistic Californians". Wow.. this almost defies description... so take a look and see what you think :)

[07:49:43] <VrX-kiznar> rake it wont matter
[07:49:49] <VrX-kiznar> it would take one of vrxs to be ur hole clan
[07:54:27] <d|RakE> spkz should be good
[07:54:35] <d|RakE> seattle
[07:54:35] <VrX-kiznar> spkz?
[07:54:42] <VrX-kiznar> speak easy
[07:54:53] <VrX-kiznar> god are you illiterate rake?>
[07:56:45] <vrx-dick> i'll leave some extra special shit tlak
[07:56:51] <vrx-dick> pointed directly at you rake
[08:10:22] <VrX-kiznar> i dont bs with HPCANDA"S
[08:10:28] <VrX-kiznar> not worth my time
[08:10:31] <VrX-kiznar> lets find a server
[08:10:35] <VrX-kiznar> or we will make u play some where
[08:11:44] <Slash3r0> its not like were playing defiance anyway
[08:11:51] <Slash3r0> we just playing lame ass linedash

So that basically set the stage for the match. As we found out before the game, RYDA is now composed of the old VrX RA3 starters so we knew this wasn't going to be easy. When we got to the server (finally) we were still outpinged by a fair margin (which is inevitable when dealing with SW clans). We played decently, but had problems finishing as indicated by the fact that a lot of times, RYDA had 1 or 2 guys remaining at the end of a round with less than 50H. We took the second game from them to remain undefeated on dm6, but fell 5-2 on both map11 and map13 - the two maps that we hardly play. GGs to everyone. I'm going to watch VrX's demo now, so expect an update to the hall of shame in the next little while.

**update** Slash3r0 didn't compress the file correctly so I can't watch the demo. Since people in that clan are rarely around, (and the only one that's currently online is my good friend kiznar, whom I love to bits), I may never see it.

In other news, my good friend Ali is here visiting! I'm not going to say much more than that because it's NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS, BITCHES.

May 14, 2002 by RakE

[09:00:00] (d|fate) i loved my shaft tonight

We played our most challenging match (by far) tonight for It marks the first time we've been challenged on the ladder... challenged by none other than local rivals [HC]. We knew coming in that they were going to play us hard, and I'm really glad that we warmed up for quite some time before we started.

Map 1 was dm6: definately our favourite. We were actually expecting to come out 5-0 after this one, and we did. Another quick and merciless round on the map that we're going to scare a lot of teams on. We all played a solid game and hit a lot of the shots that needed hitting (my grenades apparently looked quite tasty).

Game 2 took place on map3 and we basically got our asses handed to us. We were getting seperated and picked off by some annoying HC railtards. We ended up going down 4-1 whilst Mr. Irritating HC Sportscaster say_worlded the score. We played a gay camp style and managed to claw ourselves even to 4-4. The last round had apt and v0rt both with less than 30 health and an HC guy. Things just went wrong karma-wise and we ended up losing our first map.

The tiebreaker was played on map7 - a very defensive map with narrow doors to big rooms. We felt confident that we could take them here, but we weren't underestimating them at all. Things were pretty close at the beginning, with us losing the middle a couple of times to HC snipers. Thankfully we went on a bit of a run and went up 4-2. We locked up shortly after and came out with a 2-1 victory over a very challenging group of Special Olympians.

May 9, 2002 by RakE

"couldnt even look around a corner with out getting sniped" [sic] -[xc]Makaio

Defiance over [xc] 2-0

Tonight fate, impact, atastypie and myself took the boots to )x(treme Crew in good ol' defiance fashion. Game one found us hopping around map3 (AC's Temple) and much like skim-, who's initials are A.C., xc took it up the ass. All kidding aside, we played a pretty tight positional game, forcing xc to the garg room/teleporter and trapping them there. Either that or that's what they usually do... whatever the case, defiance came out on top 5-1 with the winning frag courtesy of yours truly.

Game 2 took place on a map we've never played before: dm6. Not much to say here other than it was 5-0 for us and the game took roughly 4 minutes. Hey, guess who got the game winning frag in this one, too? RakE? No way.. that's impossible.


Currently we're idle on the ladder, and it looks like we will be for a little while as teams have to play scheduled matches. That's alright.. any team that challenges us is going to have to play some dm6, and I'm not quite sure they want to do that.

**BONUS** [11:41:14] (d|impact) yah we wong

May 5, 2002 by RakE

[10:35:59] (d|paladin) DEFIANCE WHAT

Defiance over LoD2 2-0

In the Battle of Undefeated Teams, someone had to lose. 2 MEN ENTAH, ONE MAN LEAVES! Since I'm here writing this update, that must mean we won! For some reason, teams keep picking dm6 against us: a map any of us could run with our eyes shut. Here's hoping that trend continues :)

Game one was a bit frustrating as some llamas felt it their right to hop on the server constantly and say_world how we were morons for not letting them watch. This coupled with them trying to callvote the map while we were playing made it a tad stressful. LoD managed to snag a couple of games from us, and demonstrated some good aim in the process. Final Score 5-2 >:(

Game two was on dm6 again (this time our pick) and things got underway with us cleaning up basically from the first second mark. v0rt3x was railing like mad, fate's shaft was sticky, and taint hopped in to mop up. All in all everyone played really well, (altho aptus played a lot better in game one, but still.. he pwns), and we steamrolled LoD 5-0 in a game that took less than 3 minutes to play.

Currently we're unable to challenge anyone so we'll have to stay idle until matches get played tonight/tomorrow. Keep an eye on the matches section to see who our next opponent is.


April 28, 2002 by RakE

[11:10:15] (krypse) rake, still haven't grown up, eh?

Defiance over s|n7 2-0

Looks like we're still undefeated for the time being as we took down s|n7 in two straight. Game one was on ra3map5: apparently s|n7's best. This was actually our first time playing this map together and it took a few rounds to figure out s|n7's complex strategy: "camp side tele" There was a whole lot of sitting around in this one, resulting in it taking over 30min to play. I kept dying and dying and dying, but not before doing a fair bit of damage... my teammates cleaned the rest up pretty nicely.

Game 2 took place on dm6, and the outcome was not a surprise. Watching s|n7's demo, their strategy was to claim the basement. That's exactly what you DON'T want to do on dm6 and as a result we steamrolled them 5-0 in just over 6 minutes. We used our aim and took to the offensive in this one, overwhelming the opponent and actually catching them sitting in corners 2 or 3 times. That simply won't win you games on that map.

The next match we play is against Lords of Darkness #2. They asked us to scrim tonight and made a very bad first impression in the process. We were all in a scrim channel discussing servers. I pasted a bunch of IPs and they decided on one of them. So we all hopped onto the server but they don't show. Some of our guys started bugging them in IRC but they didn't respond at all. So we all came back into IRC to do a bit more bugging, but as one of us refreshed some servers, we found them all on one in particular. They were scrimming another team.

Don't waste our time, and don't worry about scrims. We'll play you at the scheduled time.


April 22, 2002 by RakE

[07:54:18] (d|fate) asian people take their rpgs seriously

Defiance over Green Eggs and Clan 2-0

We finally got to play a match in - our previous three wins were forfeits :(. We had decided beforehand that the player with the most dmg on map11 would get to play on dm6, with the other 3 getting subbed out. (we actually had 9 >:( online at the same time.) Unfortunately, this led to some ffa action and GEC stole a few rounds from us. Good games to both teams, and perhaps next time we won't look at dmg until AFTER the map is done.

April 17, 2002 by RakE

[10:26:01] (d|impact) i am a gimp


Well now, it looks like someone is finally updating this damned page. Let's see what happened since the last update...

We got some new members, we lost some members, and we switched games. That's really all I can think of. :) Defiance is now exclusively an RA3 clan, getting away from the dead West TDM scene. It was really hard to stay motivated in an environment where you could either play FiTH or mob with even pings, or one of the Cali clans really outpinged. We go from that to a scene with 20 or so teams to play, and plenty of servers to play on. We're currently participating in and have a tidy-looking 3-0 record. (Just don't ask us how many of those are forfeits.) Hopefully a clan will eventually play us so we can OUTSCORE them rather than just win.

Roger, Roger.