linedash what? |-
this is the website of the now-disbanded linedash. we lasted about two years as a clan.

the history:

formed during a basement lan in edmonton, alberta during the early days of rocketarenathree (literally, crt had just released the mod). it was all local. the starting core was aptus, xfoo, fate, wolfy, and impact. members were both skilled and real life friends. the goal of the team? win. thats it. get the fucking win and keep going on. sticking together for a long amount of time, we achieved this goal. it took hours of fighting with other clans to not get ping raped (and being called ping rapers for asking for a fair server) and tons of practice. we played the camp game, and we were pretty good at it. linedash first disbanded after getting destroyed by virix in the first xtgl playoffs. a small break followed. it lasted almost 5 months, afterwhich linedash was merged with team sauce in an attempt to spark interest in everyone to get into ra3 again. after less than 2 months almost all of the sauce members had left (or had been told to leave) and the original starters for linedash (aptus, xfoo, wolfy, fate, vortex) continued to rock the ladders. after missing the second xtgl season and not attempting to get into the third, linedash was stuck playing on ladders. the Rocket Arena Invitational League was lobbied for by aptus, and soon after it started. sadly, the league was a total failure. when RAIL flunked, linedash packed up their things and disbanded a second time. not out of anger this time, not out of spite, not like little bitches. it was just time to end the tag and the clan. werd!

the final record of linedash is 33 wins and 3 losses.

you can find the core of linedash with defiance now.