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History written by RaKe and it ends at like 2003 so whatever

In case you were wondering how we were born

I was a member of the QW clan PointBlank, which had been through it's many transformations (*69 --> fusion --> pointblank). Things were getting rather stagnant, and I was confused as to what I should do: the clan was pretty hardcore QW, and I had already moved from QW to Q2, then to Q3Test. One night, Durandal messaged me saying he was leaving u238 (Atomic Punks) to form his own clan, and asked if I would be interested in joining him. I gave it about 2 weeks, then decided it might be a good idea.


We sat up one night, tossing around ideas and whatnot, and I came up with the name "Defiance". I was happy with it from the start, but Dur wanted to think of something "cooler". That didn't happen, so the name stuck. :P I set up the IRC channels shortly thereafter and got a friend to slap together a web site. The foundation was in place, now we just needed members. The first recruit was my best friend Lobot, whom I'd known for many years. It was a logical choice, and I saw that he wanted to kick some ass in Q3, just to see if he could.. and he could:) Lobot discovered Lebesgue playing some ffa's and recommended him to me. Since we had 3 members at the time, we just said "yeh" and let him in. He turned out to be a lot better than we thought, and ended up being a pretty cool guy on top of it. Sentient came next: a nice guy with manners (!) and a good in-game attitude. He was shaky off the start, but Leb and Lobot saw his potential to be a great player. Sent really didn't disappoint anyone, and got pretty damn good really quickly. A dude named Juzam decided he'd like to be a member of Defiance, and after a brief tryout period, he got in. Jiz is a guy I've known (and disliked) for quite some time on IRC... I'm glad that first impressions aren't always lasting impressions. Jiz is constantly improving and will surely be one of the better players around. Narcotic was our next bitch. He was persistant to say the least, and earned a spot by playing a lot of games and basically annoying us until we let him in :)


Through all these recruitments, Durandal was nowhere to be seen. He was off doing whatever Durandals do, and had a different idea as to what the clan should be about. He wanted inactivity until after FP99 (like, 4 months from formation!@#) but I thought that was fairly gay and/or retarded, seeing as we had active members that were itchin' to play. After FP99, we scooped up strAtEdgE: a long time friend and one of the best all-around players I've seen. His competitiveness and uncanny knack for strategy make him a great addition. We also got ReguluS: an old friend of mine from school who showed great potential at the tourney; unfortunately, ReguluS is addicted to EverCrack, and had to be released from the clan. Narc had a falling out with Sentient (for whatever reason) and decided to quit. Gay? Guess so.

Durandal has now decided to be a member of 2Unreal [2ur] without notifying anyone in this clan. Not like it even mattered, the guy wasn't around at all during our maturation. Meh, good luck Dur... you weirdo. Lebesgue eventually left because of school: he just didn't have the time to play or practice with a clan. He is now a member of stickmen, tho. Guess his local 7-11 sells time or some shit. Whatever, Leb... big black cocks up your ass. :)


We were then in a situation where we needed some quality players to get us to that next level of competitiveness, but all the tryouts we had were somewhat less than stellar. Through all of this a guy named Uber stuck around. We picked him up just recently after he surprised all of us with his smart gameplay and improved skills. Uber is a homosexual, but we don't discriminate in this clan. Sexual preference shouldn't be a factor in the selection process. (altho his hot ass definitely got him my vote)

More Fallout and Reconstruction

Uber's ass inevitably started to loosen up, so he was of no further use to us. He realized this, and instead of being thrown into the gutter , he left with some dignity: basically he just quit. Dunno. We decided that it might be a bad idea to recruit any more Americans, so we instead turned our attention a little closer to home. Siege had been hanging around the channel quite a bit and caught the eye of some defiants with his aggressive 1on1 style. We finally gave him a tryout and came to an obvious decision: we recruited his friend, Calibur! :D Cal has been a great addition to the squad. He shows up for every game, and still manages to get mass amounts of rail frags, no matter what his ping is... it's freaky, kinda. OK, back to siege. Siege and Calibur were kind of a package deal: friends in real life and both local boys, they go together like Fashion File and hand lotion. Siege has added a "omg, my parents are gay" element to defiance, and shows lots of promise.. if only he were around a bit more. Oh ya.. Sentient quit and joined omniscient. meh. We were feeling a little lean in the members department and needed to round out our roster a bit more. A player kinda came out of nowhere and surprised us all with his smart gameplay **update: HEH** and great sportsmanship: Kurupt joined after a long tryout period and has fit nicely into the clan. Kurupt (or NADRAT as he likes to be called) is a Calgary lad, but we don't discriminate in this clan.. as stated above. He had a very quick start with us, but has recently tapered off due to exams. We have no doubt in our minds that he'll be back with a vengeance, bustin' curry rockets up yo ass. At least we hope so :)


We were chuggin' along at a pretty good pace for a while, getting games in, and attracting many new tryouts. It was around this time that Juzam decided to drop from our active roster. Jiz wasn't able to use his LPB connect as much as he wanted to, and we really had no need for an HPB member. Juzam has since hooked up with pure insanity and has maintained friendly relations with defiance. Now for the politics section of this paragraph :) Lobot and strAtEdgE had been at each other's throats ever since the New Year's Canadian Tire Fiasco™, and it eventually got pretty personal. Lobot decided he'd had enough and reluctantly parted company. He's now focusing on his 1on1 game, and beefing up for RazerCPL. Good luck, bro.


In the wake of Lobot's leaving, we grabbed 2 new members. Firstly, defiance picked up an off-and-on tryout named mInk. mInk was a nice guy and all, but he was only around for a couple of weeks before he started having computer problems and decided to quit. We never really got to see what he had to offer as far as teamplay goes. Hopefully when he's feeling a bit more competitive, he'll try out for our squad again. The second dude we grabbed was over, another one of our patented 4 month tryouts. When he's not tilling the fields and milking the chickens, over is playing Q3 in his Saskatchewan Sexhouse. Talented, smart, and chock-full of anime, over has been a good addition. Unfortunately, Saskatchewan routing is shit, so over hasn't played with us as much as we'd like him to. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, coz we all want to see him ger into more games. Shortly after the addition of over, sXe personally recruited a kid by the name of byelistok. Bye is a youngin', which is just the way sXe likes it: easier to mould and shape and...heh So far in the games bye has played with us, he's shown potential and nifty 1on1 fighting skillz. Hopefully he'll be getting into more of our scrims, coz we all need to play in order to improve. Since sXe had his own personal little recruit, I thought it was high time for me to get one of my own! On the advice of cled and Lobot, I started checking out a guy named xFoo(heh) and was immidiately impressed by his talent. I think what clinched it was when he hit me with 4 consecutive rails in rocket arena. xFoo has surprised us all with the quickness in which he has adapted to our teamgame, and has already cracked the starting lineup. Just recently, uber considered rejoining our ranks.. then he chickened out. I'm not sure he woulda been at our level, but it was just neat to see a former member wanting to come back, however briefly the possibility existed.


Last night I had the unsavory duty of dismissing Kurupt from defiance. If it makes him feel better, he can brag to his friends that he was the first defiant to be kicked out! All kidding aside, this wasn't an easy thing to do, but it was definately necessary. Kurupt just kept sliding further and further back, and never really got his feet moving the way we woulda liked. Once a teammate gets to the point where you don't feel confident playing him/her in scrims, something has to be done. We haven't closed our doors to him: if he wants to try out when he gets a bit more self-confidence, that's fine by us. We just need to remain competitive during the Showdown Playoffs, and that means everyone has to pull their own weight.


In the first few days following Kurupt's exodus, we were approached by a few players wishing to fill the vacancy. strAtEdgE had been following the progress of EG|Outrage, and felt he would be a great addition. What happened is best left between them, as Outrage dropped the EG tag, and changed his name to kReep. If you're thinking naughty thoughts like I am, meet me in #defiance on kReep brings to our team great depth, and a crapload of talent... look for him in upcoming scrims. Shortly after our pickup of kReep, strAtEdgE approached me with the idea of getting Lobot back. This was pretty ironic, seeing as Lobot had recently spoken to me about returning. We all talked for a brief time, and Lobot agreed to rejoin as soon as he could talk to shroud. (Lobot was pretty close to hooking up with horde at the time). So with that all sorted out, we have a new/old member. It will be interesting to see how well he can follow assignments and use team binds: he has been doing nothing but 1on1's lately, so it might be a bit weird for him for a while. strAtEdgE was at a LAN and kinda "rediscovered" a Quake player that we've known for a while. Shortly after this LAN, defiance embraced a cuddly wittle guy named gibz. Actually, this kid is fuckin hardcore, he'll kick your ass if you even look at him the wrong way. (if you look at him the RIGHT way, however... rrar) gibz adds to our lineup significant TP experience, great fighting skills, and a willingness and ability to adjust to new strategies.


Shortly after our elimination from the Showdown DM tourney, strAtEdgE decided to quit (this time for real.. not just in /msg to me). He decided that real life (prospective job), CTF, and the fact that he can't get along with DeeAy (or anyone else, for that matter) were adequate reasons for leaving. That and he just wasn't having fun anymore. Good luck. Maybe we can all start having fun now, eh? The day after sXe left, xFoo decided to quit also. Stating that "most of you don't realize how bad strAtEdgE quitting is" even tho he was the first person to say shit after sXe left, xFoo bailed. To say that we were surprised or dismayed at his quitting would be more than slight exaggeration. From this day forward, prospective members are going to be screened a LITTLE more closely so we don't need the frustrations of dealing with immaturity again. We surprisingly (or not) got flooded with tryout requests once their leaving was announced... gotta go play some of these guys. Fun, fun, fun.


*defiance disbands due to inactivity and general lack of interest in the Q3TDM scene. The hardcore members continue to play the game, either freelance or with Left-Coast clan "horde". The non-hardcores drop from the online scene entirely.

We're Back, Bitches!

uNF!@# Well, Christmas '00 found Lobot and I sitting in his apartment high as all fuck. We had talked about bringing back defiance a couple times before, but it was always just idle discussions. Man.. just to get off topic here for a sec: I read the above history, and damn I was a bastard :). So back to defiance - Lobot had established himself as a top-knotch 1on1 player, and I was playing way too much ra3, so we decided to start the clan up again. People in IRC seemed to be a lot more excited about it than we were, because word spread like mad about the comeback. #defiance was no more than 4 hours old and over 40 people were sitting in there. The first thing Lobot and I needed to do was get some more members - the clan was called defiance, not 2MC. We saw a guy named tainted (Stiffy) and thought "hrm, Stiffies are good" so we grabbed him (heh). He proved himself to be a solid teamplayer with horde and would make a great addition to a growing clan. Cheech was the next player we added: he was involved with utopia at the time, so was a bit slow in joining. Apparently he decided utopia was gay, because he hooked up with d| a week or so after the formation. Cheech has long been known for his aggressive style and willingness to use the railgun in almost any situation. Now that we had a good core of four players it was time to do a little expanding. Taking a look at the (former) horde roster, we noticed some pretty big names that hadn't signed on with other clans. Of the list, two players caught our eye. One will remain nameless until he actually joins :P The other was propaganda (prop). Anytime we played against horde, prop would piss me off by hitting those DM7 RA room rails that can kill a takeover attempt. This above all other things about him stood out in my memory. We also had the testimony from tainted that prop would be a solid player for us. He hasn't proven tainted wrong yet.

Positive Growth

Well now, defiance has changed quite a bit in the last few months, and it will continue to do so until we all eventually die n' shit. We had approached paladin a while back about a potential spot, and because he's a flaming homosexual that likes retirees, he decided to "wait it out" and see where we were headed. After the addition of Haze and our inclusion into some major tournies, paladin decided to come aboard. Much like he came aboard the USS Salty Grandpa, but that's another story altogether. Pala brings to the clan his Delta Ghetto Stylistics, and a good grasp of team strats. Not too long after paladin joined the clan, Cheech decided to quit. I won't go into too much detail, but the bottom line is Cheech is not a team player. That is all. We now had a spot to fill in our roster, with a couple of players in the running for an invitation to join. In the end, we decided on skim: a long-time quake player, who in the weeks leading up to his recruitment, made his presense felt in the q3 community by playing pickups on cack 24/7. Skim is a solid player, decent in every aspect of the game. He complains a lot about his connection and his computer, so just bind "m2m2" to a key to keep him happy. One neato repercussion from all this growth was me being ChanServ banned from #r3volution for the news entry on Jan 27. Pure apparently took offence to the way I phrased the joining of Haze, and demanded that it be changed... so I crossed it out. Hey, let's see if I'm still banned. "#r3volution can't join channel (address is banned)" Yup.

Holy Shit This is Long

Ok, now what the hell has been going on... I'm going from memory here, so I'll probably have things all out of sequence. Words can't quite express the disappointment and frustration this causes me. We continued to own it up, with our comeptitive medium being the controversial Badlands tournament. Featured in this tourney were maps that had very rarely (if at all) been played in an organized scrim, and reduced machinegun damage (from standard 5dmg/bullet to 3dmg/bullet). Reactions were mixed as the change to mg dmg and the trial of the new maps was deemed a bit too ambitious. We entered this tourney simply because we had as much practice as anyone on these new maps, and we needed to test our lineups in match conditions. For some weird reason (probably because we had never really proved ourselves) we were placed into Tier 2 with a bunch of other underachieving and new clans. This was kind of a good thing as we proceeded to spank everyone we played, finishing first in the Tier with a nearly undefeated record. (Superstars took one game from us on ngiarena). Shortly after the completion of Badlands, the Q3 scene totally stagnated because it was the same old shit over and over again, and the CPL decided to drop it as the marquis tournament game. Clans crossed over to CS because that's where the competition was going, as well as the money. During this lull, some defiance players decided to give CS a try - most of them decided it was paladin (defiance-speak for "gay") and came back to Q3. Others (ie. prop) decided to stick with it. He was placed on the inactive list and will remain there until he takes the CS dildo out of his pooper. Short-time member, Haze, decided to move on shortly thereafter, teaming up with Canadian stars Qancer, Cujo, and Diehard to play under the Pointblank name for the upcoming CAL Q3TDM tourney. Instead of having him quit, Lobot decided to kick him out. (or so they say, they're kinda weird). Not too long after Haze left, skim decided to go inactive. This kind of baffles me, because we're all really good friends with him, and he still plays Q3 a lot. I guess he just wasn't interested in playing TDM with us. I know his computer is pretty lame, but it hasn't really stopped him from playing. He has his reasons for not playing with us, and because he's a friend, I respect them (whatever they are :P).

Well crap, now we're down 3 members.. or ARE WE!? I totally forgot about Phage. After Badlands, clan FragZ kind of fell apart with half of the members flipping over to CS, and the other half having greasy bum orgies. Saving Phage from a herd of undersexed goats, we recruited him. The experience left him traumatized, but he has adjusted quite nicely. So now we're miraculously only short 2 members! We had long been approached by local player v0rt3x (or 'sweaty pete' as he's asked us to call him), and decided to gobble him up (like Phage and that one goat...) in order to fill the vacancy formed by skim's "departure". We were all a bit surprised by v0rt3x's transition into organized teamplay, but he had apparently been playing mad pickups and clan arena in the months leading up to his joining. CAL TDM preseason started with defiance playing a couple of meaningless games. One of these meaningless games kind of made our eyes open a bit. We faced off against Team Exile - who I'm quite sure took us lightly - and played them really tough. They ended up winning by a total of around 40 frags over three 15 minute periods. Well, well... it seems that this incarnation of defiance can run with anyone. Werd. With bolstered confidence we began playing more scrims, and winning more scrims. Our roster was looking pretty tight, but we needed a bit more filling-out. Another castaway from the FragZ CS migration was Commodore. After a team vote we decided it would be a good idea to have him aboard. (much like paladin was invited aboard the USS Salty Grandpa that fateful eve...) Commodore hasn't played much with us, but he's staying in shape and could easily fill a spot if needed. defiance continues to roll and we're looking forward to turning some heads in the upcoming weeks.

An Unexpected Turn of Events

TDM slowly lost popularity in NA, as teams and players moved on to different mods and different games (mainly mmorpgs, cs, and RTCW). We floundered for a bit, but then we... er... wtf is that? There's a fuckin bright light outside... k wtf. Uh right, the light is shining into my window now. GOOD JOB POLICE HELICOPTER! Actually, I don't hear a helicopter, and the light is green, not white. THE FUCK!? Someone's in my living room. JESUS WHAT THE SHIT AAAAAAHHWEYG(@#&bc934...........

A New Chapter

Ok.. so tdm went *poof* and then sorta came back with CAL starting up a league. That sputtered and died off, and we were adrift! I kinda forget what happened for a while, but I think it had a lot to do with IRC. We lost some members due to the inactivity in the quake scene (enek, Phagé, others) and were looking pretty sad. There was nothing to play. A couple of us dabbled with RA3, and tainted and I ended up joining a clan called ^5 (high five) - a team made up of ringers from tdm clans, mixed in with total RA3 newbs. We played a couple of matches with them and realized that the leader (I forget his name, but he was purely an RA3 player) was a fucking retard, proven by his decision to play in my place on pro-q3dm6 in a match. TAINTDOGGIE420 and I pondered the idea of starting defiance RA3, along with a ^5 player named zetima - it was better than nothing. I ran the idea by the clan and we grudgingly decided to give it a shot. So great, we picked a game, now all we needed were players.

defiance had always been about friendship, camaraderie, and rampant homosexuality *cough*skim*cough*, so we had to grab players that wouldn't detract from that. Looking at the ra3 scene, we noticed that a lot of good local players were clanless: the powerhouse clan linedash had fizzled out because they lost a match or something, and all the players were just going solo. We knew most of them, as they had been present in the local quake scene for quite some time, so we decided to scoop them up. I think it was around this time that zetima decided to bail out and join ub3r - a mid-tier clan that hadn't really done anything match-wise. We said our farewells and that was that. With our new players in place (fate, aptus, xfoo, impact and wolfy) we joined with the goal of dominating the West with some good ol' fashioned skill.

The ladder started slowly, with intro matches being mainly forfeits, but we were slowly climbing the rungs. I think once aptus changed his nick to atastypie, all SHIT broke loose. We gained momentum and made it solidly into the top5. On recommendation, an up-and-coming RA3 player (and friend of the guys) named jinrai joined up. Jin was a hardcore tribes player, and being that were running a little short on dilithium fag crystals, something had to be done. The ship HAS TO KEEP MOVING, DAMNIT! For the first little while jin kept trying to generator camp... he would also get hostile when we told him it was strafe-jumping and not skiing, but ultimately he put in a LOT of time and got pretty good pretty fast.

It was around this time that the clan zetima left defiance to join (ub3r) folded like Slash3r0's computer chair. OMFG hahaha I totally forgot about that fuckshoe! We picked him up for tdm, but he had such an incredible attitude problem that I kicked his ass out. I swear that kid has been punted from more clans than anyone else. Holy christ. Apparently he's just as bad IRL as online, and the kind of guy you try VERY hard to avoid talking to at LANs... which is apparently rather difficult being that he's a needy bitch... but I digress. So back to zetima: GOOD CALL THERE, SPORT!

As the season(?) progressed and we flirted with the top spot (top3 at this point), we decided to go inactive to prepare for Fragapalooza. We convinced the organizers to hold an RA3 4on4 tourney considering the popularity of the mod in the NW was pretty amazing. We got our teams sorted, stacking the majority of the talent on the top team, and practiced up. Now I'm going to have to backtrack a bit here... we got top spot a couple of times on, and even defended the #1 rung a couple of times.. but I can't remember if it was before FP, or after. Oh well.. the bottom line is we accomplished what we wanted to from the inception of the ra3 squad. WHEE

Come fp time we were rip-snortin' ready to rumble yippie ding dong diddly dandy. The matches were fun, and some were even challenging! The end result was a strong showing by defiance: 1st place, 2 in the top 3, and 3 in the top 5... too bad the prizes sucked :D

The nice thing about winning was having bragging rights over the local competition online afterwards. I mean, we already had the right, ( rung, dominance on local pubs, scrim pweenage), but being able to say to Baron_X during one of his bitch sessions "who won fp? I forget" was CHOICE. Calvin > *.

The Decline

After FP, the standard Online Blues set in, with people on servers skippity-skipping and choppity-chopping all over the ass damned place, and things slowed down a bit. After a brief break, we got back into RA3 and entered into the inaugural isb Winter Invitational Tourney. It was pretty intense and we ended up walking away with the west crown, which fate insisted on wearing because he's a pretty pretty princess. Er.. wait.. that tourney could have been the winter before, because the winter after fp2k2 I got flown by Intel to work at the first FP East in

Mississisisissisisssauga. Holy FUCK I'm drunk! In and around that time (or not!) we invited one of the wee folk into defiance. xeno of the fairy people, a sprightly and spry woodland creature much like the brownies and gnomes of yore, weaved his special brand of pixie magic, left the confines of his mystical mushroom ring, and helped us win some matches n shit. Unfortunately for him, he liked CS and decided to play it while the RA3 scene slowly poo'd. fell victim to some east-coast packet-kiddie faggotry, (DON'T HAXOR ME NOW, SIRS.. BY FAGGOTRY I MEANT ACTIONS ONLY A MATURE AND INFLUENTIAL INDIVIDUAL WOULD CARRY OUT), and left us all for good.

Branching Out

With no solid ladder to play on, some members turned to cpm as a diversion. The RA3 netcode was a piece of crap, and the mod hadn't been updated since crt had last shaved his pubestache, yet cpm was being updated almost weekly, it seemed. Things started slowly at first as the cpm players learned the movement and maps from xfoo - one of the original "pros" in the cpm community. While the cpm revolution was taking place, we scooped up long-time AGSN badboy syztem. This pissed off a lot of people who felt we were scooping up all the good local talent and blah blah blah whine whine cry etc. syztem was a bit of an ass, with some issues interacting with others. We decided to take a gamble on him because he seemed to be making an effort to not suck, plus his dad gave us a shitload of brownies at fp :D. The gamble paid off as he quicky gained a spot playing in scrims (when he was around) and performing as well as we expected him to.

Back to cpm now - a league run by the guys in abuse called Wansanity was announced, and we fully planned on playing in it. We needed a coach for the cpm squad as the league was tdm, and being without a coach was quite the handicap. During our infancy in cpm, advis volunteered his services as coach after realizing he sucked at the game (HAHAHAHAH stfu.) and after doing the duty for a bit, we could find no reason not to make him a member of the clan. (double negatives don't not suck).

More on wansanity, ra3, and fragapalooza 2003 when we return.

There, wolfy.. are you happy now, you fat fuck?